Nokia 7600

What an iconic phone. Nokia really did that. And in gold? *chef’s kiss* (via)

Cookie Monster, is that you?

Jesus, take the dive

Christ the Redeemer on a diving platform

Artem Pozdniakov — Holy Pool (2016)

Black superheroes: part 2

No Mister Terrific but we can’t have it all.

The greatest dab

Paul Pogba, dabbing with the World Cup (2018)

Pizza is so versatile

Tweet from Cookie Monster:

Me have an easy way to remember shapes. 
Pizza box is square. ⬜ 
Pizza is circle. ⚫
Pizza slice is a triangle. 🍕

Black superheroes

Black superheroes have it exceptionally hard. Having abilities surpassing those of their regular mortal counterparts means villains (racist or otherwise) will work triple time to destroy you. They don’t just want you dead, they want your existence wiped out of history and make a giant spectacle out of it.

But enough about Serena Williams.

Mies Van der Rohe

“We know no forms, only building problems. Form is not the goal but the result of our work. There is no form in and for itself. […] Form as goal is formalism; and that we reject. Nor do we strive for a style. […] It is our specific concern to liberate building activity from aesthetic speculators and make building again what alone it should be, namely BUILDING.”

Movies, Games and Videos

Elite show. S-tier. Those were the days!

Sad lyrics I love regardless of how I’m feeling #1

Life is hard in a circle,

Especially when you think you’ve gone insane,

And all you get from love is lots of pain.

I should have known better.