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Lonesome cowboy

a comic panel showing a girl asking charlie brown "what's the matter, charlie brown?" and charlie brown replying "i'm a lonesome cowboy"

Tombstone goals

a grey marble tombstone that says "wish you were here!!" in big gold engraved writing

Psyduck and Slowpoke

a line drawing of slowpoke and psyduck
(via kafkacow on Tumblr)

Times are hard

A piece of texture card that says "I was going to be an A0 poster with gold foil block & embossing but times are hard"
Unknown source (if you know who made this, let me know so I can give them credit!)


a greyscale image of a Black man in a balaclava and a jacket, wearing ceramic eyewear
DJ GABZY (if anyone knows the photographer, please let me know so I can credit them!)

Me updating my new Pokémon fansite

Nurse Joy using a computer

Mars ice cream

Click the image to watch a Dutch Mars ice cream advert from the 90s.

Cookie Monster, is that you?

4 vertical rolls of blue fur

Jesus, take the dive

Christ the Redeemer on a diving platform
Artem Pozdniakov — Holy Pool (2016)

Black superheroes: part 2

No Mister Terrific but we can’t have it all.