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This is how much I love hippos

I really love hippos. And I just wanna hug all of them but I can’t (because they might kill me, which is to be expected)

Mars ice cream

Click the image to watch a Dutch Mars ice cream advert from the 90s.

Bad dong

PS2 startup towers

For those who don’t know, the PS2 has a file called history, and it accesses the memory cards to track the amount of time you have spent on a save file, each tower represents a save file’s time duration, if you remove the memory card, the towers will disappear, as it can no longer access the data your PS2 could access. On PC, you can modify this file and change the time duration on a save file, as it’s just simple code (you change the numbers, the higher the number, the bigger the tower), this won’t corrupt your save files, as ‘history’ is a separate file itself. It is crazy that Sony spent time to make such a unique startup that will go down in gaming history due to it. The towers can also be used to track how long you have played your PS2 for, obviously.

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Virtual Insanity

The Batman Returns trailer in German

I can’t remember the last time they used a clip from a previous Batman movie in the next movie’s trailer like that.

who stole the meat from the cooking pot

This takes me back. So catchy.