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Honestly, truly

Honestly, truly.

This is how much I love hippos

I really love hippos. And I just wanna hug all of them but I can’t (because they might kill me, which is to be expected)

Me updating my new Pokémon fansite

Nurse Joy using a computer

Bad dong

Don’t floppy that copy!

(Content note: one mention of rape, unfortunately)

Go off, Kevin!

(Wayback Machine link in case it goes down)

Pizza is so versatile

Tweet from Cookie Monster:

Me have an easy way to remember shapes. 
Pizza box is square. ⬜ 
Pizza is circle. ⚫
Pizza slice is a triangle. 🍕

Big mood

A tweet that says "me, looking at $900,000 houses with $76 in my bank account: interesting design choice but ok"

who stole the meat from the cooking pot

This takes me back. So catchy.